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All I want these days is to stay home and relax.

I do want to go out, do stuff but staying home, relaxing is my favorite, unusual for me but the truth at this point. From last weekend, I didn't get good sleep, awake many times at night. Then work week started, I was however glad that Thursday was a holiday. I slept for longer, did nothing but stayed home. On Friday, when I woke up, I was not feeling great. I went to workt. I came home, I was tired and my left nostril was blocked. I slept okay at night.

On Saturday, all day, it was blocked, by evening, I had got sick. I took cough and flu syrup and went to bed. Didn't get good sleep and after having breakfast, went to bed at 9.30am, I got a good sleep though, and woke up little after noon. I did some dishes, did some cooking, had lunch around 2 or so. Took medicine, and tried to fall asleep instead got headache. Now my whole body is aching and I am not feeling worse, cold has captured my body.

My only worry right now is, I wanted to get some work done to show tomorrow at work. But I don't think I will be able to go to work. I really don't like taking sick leave and on top, its the beginning of new year. They say, when you are sick you are sick. But I don't know I feel very bad when I have to take sick leave. If I don't feel good, I usually work from home, and take sick leave seldom. But, if I work tomorrow, I might get really sick.


Rest is a must...u nee to rest n b healthy...avoid being natikuti....hehe...more u b more u bcome ill..smth like tht...hehe...tk care get well soon

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