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Excited for my two friends,it was surprising and shocking at the same time

I talked to Y...one of my friends, I found out the interesting things going on in her life. I was happy, so happy to hear all those things. Then in the evening, I got a call from a friend. She said, I am getting married with so and so, are you coming. I was like how, when, so sudden. I can't believe this is happening, who is the guy. I am so happy for her, now its my time to start checking for ticket.

Tickets being expensive, I am just thinking what to do. Overall, everything is good news. And being able to talk to my sister has been great. We talk so much day and night almost everyday. I have been happy.


Soon ur turn will also come to make others shocked and happy....when is ur no. Coming?....

When the time comes,everyone's turn will come.But I was writing about my friends not me. :P

I know u wrote abt ur fren....but stilll ur number is still desparately on the waiting list of our family membs.....hehe....gudluck....

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