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On November 4th,08, I said "Oh my god what is she wearing".

Once again today I had to say the same thing, not once but twice in a day. I think I might have to find a designer for Michelle Obama. She does not know at all what to wear. I mean you can wear anything simple and look dashing. She proved today that, she has a horrible taste when it comes to clothing. Definitely needs couple of designers, who will tell what to wear.

I think " What not to wear" needs to go help. Otherwise, she will be remembered as a first lady with horrible clothing taste. Good luck to Obama family.

But I do have to add few lines for the Clinton family. The day Hilary Clinton announced her candidacy I was so happy. I was following the polls closely, but the day she dropped her name as a presidential candidate, I was sad. I so much wanted another Clinton to be the president. A lady president would have been an example. But I was disappointed, and once again on the election day. After hearing the result, I was still saying Hilary would have been the one but all that remained a dream, wish.......


I don knw why but i have opened this page alot of timez and wot i get to read is this old blog..which says omg.....add somethhing...hehe

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