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Time flew by and its been almost 11 years.

Sometimes I ask myself, why am I standing in that point after almost 11 years. So many things have changed in life, so many things have changed in the world, so many people have changed, but I am there, thinking about that and waiting one day. Weird as it is, but I just want to move forward with it. I want to discuss about it.

Willi it going to come ever? Hopefully won't be too late.


I know.....once u fall in deep love and u dont get wot u expect as u have hoped alot frm it......and when u keep on thinkign of it u do feel as u do right now.....so go on....as happiness is a key to sadness make the opposite of it......life is a circle of sorrow n happy moments.....come on cheer up...be social....thats wot lagging in u rite now......hehe....tk care and hav fun ....bye4now....now i think u shud definetly reply to this comment.....

Your comment just made me laugh, there's nothing to write about it.I was just thinking how fast years went by and bla bla, who said anything about love or tragedy,hya chhu dhai chu dhai chha na.

Heheh....hahah....dont know wot i said....but i felt it that way so wrote it....hehe.....

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