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I have been thinking to add a new entry to my blog, but I login and logout

I really didn't know where to start the entry. I am clueless at this moment as to what I will be writing though.I guess lets write something about music. Few weeks back, one of my friend introduced me to Ryan Leslie's music. I heard the you tube videos where he was composing music, my reaction was awesome awesome. So, last week, I started downloading his songs, and I am listening to one of those too. "Addiction by Ryan Leslie". I guess this really does take away the stress I am feeling.

Talking about music, I just wanted to add something in here, we all read news about Chris Brown and Rihanna. I don't know what went wrong, and who did what to whom. And as all of us do, these singers also have their personal life too. But the difference is when it happens to regular people, media does not blast the news over and over. However, if he really did what the media reported, he did very wrong, hopefully he will learn something from this incident. But, I think he is a good singer and I like his music.

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