March 27, 2009

March 27th,09, Sitting inside Hilton hotel room, waiting for the Housekeeping to come,

so that she can give me a towel, then I can go to shower. Around 1p, I heard a noise, it was more like something hit the door hard. She said,I am very sorry, and then knocked. When I saw the old lady, I felt so bad, I wanted to tell her, not to clean anything. She changed the bed sheet, since it had a mark. She made the bed,I told her not to clean table I was working. I went to tell her not to clean the showerbut she already had. It was a quick one minute spray but still.

She asked me if she should vacuum, I told her not to, she then said thank you. I kept telling myself, I wish the bed sheet didn't have a mark. Otherwise I could have Helped her a little bit. She is 66 with 7 kids and she is from Vietnam and most of her kids work in the Hilton Hotel housekeeping to technician to janitor in school.

I asked her isn't it time for you to retire, she said, I should but I need to money, I can't retire. My heart felt for her, I felt so bad that I thought I wish I could help her.

I am speechless how I felt seeing the old lady, who almost looked like grandma to me. Another reason for me to feel that sad is, she couldn't be more than 100 pounds, so skinny lady, who was pushing like over 300 pound cart with full of towel, cleaning material, trash cans, dishes on the bottom of the cart. If knew, that I would have dropped off the dishes earlier this morning.

I think no matter what kinda of work you do, they are human too, every one have feeling, pain, every one feels tired and everything else. I should have told her, do not make bed either, I do not know what I was thinking.

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March 15, 2009

I want to eat something really really spicy, thinking about it,mouth is waterming

I think Newari food is one of the best, tasty, mouth watering food in the whole world. From the color to the taste, the taste to the smell is great.

This entry I am writing, is not about Newari food but instead about Sinhalese food. Last night, I was watching you tube videos of Travel channel, on Sri Lanka. All five parts,they kept showing, spicy spicy food. Rice, paaripu, Sini Sambol, Kottu Roti, Lunu Miris, Maldive Fish, appa, all those dishes making my mouth water.

Maldive Fish is one my best, mainly because its Fish fried in a lot of spices, its hot, some times its extremely hot. And I love it, watching spicy food in the night, when I was feeling hungry, was making me more hungry.I wish they were cooking for me and I was the one eating those food.

I think I enjoyed most was the anchor's comments. He was feeling so hot that, he couldn't think of anything, he felt like he was getting melted in the heat. And when the food came, he was like this is just condiments, entree' is still to come, hehehe....I thought all his comments were funny..

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This is just about my grandmother....

From a week or two, I wanted to write en entry about my late grandmother. I used to share room with her and at the time, I just didn't like it. I was young of course, but I just didn't like it. Of course, as usual, the only time I spent time in that room was when I went to sleep. Other times, I always stay in the living room and studied but.....

To be continued,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Driving a new 2009 Volkswagen CC 4dr Man Sport

I was excited about the weekend, specially Saturday because I was going to go check out, 2009 Volkswagen CC 4dr Man Sport. After I saw the Brochure, I couldn't wait.

Year: 2009
Make: Volkswagen
Model: CC
Trim: 4dr Man Sport
Exterior Color: DEEP-BLACK

Volkswagen CC Gold Coast 1.jpg

There was a Brand new one in the show room, when I opened the door, fell in love with the Seat, interior, exterior everything. We got a a Deep-Black to drive, when it was parked out, it looked great. Opened the door, and the seats again were great. Electronic seat, I could adjust so easily,fun...

A 6 Gear standard manual with Turbo engine, great car to own one. On the highway, when the RPM went up, it sounded awesome,great,I felt like I was hearing NASCARs running. I was thinking drivers outside on the highway must be saying, Wow...what a car.

I am speechless, how great it felt. After being in that car for 15 minutes, when I sat in my VW Passat, it felt like something was missing. My car has pretty much everything anyone is looking for, but its not a Sports car. I am thinking thinking...

When can I own one? hehe...

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March 2, 2009

Thinking, thinking and thinking, but doing nothing, nothing really getting accomplished.

This morning when I left for work, I had planned certain things to do after work. I had a little bit of headache later in the day. I watched TV for about 2 hours, then started staying in front of the computer. I watched some wedding pictures too, who got married on Friday. It was fun, and I saw some unexpected people and I thought, how did she reach there? Oh well, I guess some people do say something and do something else. I felt a little sad however, but that's fine. But I just wish, people will tell the truth.

I guess, this is my best place where I can write what I feel like, I am sure some people might think this is boring, but its really fun to read what I wrote sometimes.I go back and read my old entries, sometimes makes me laugh. Haha.... Anyway almost 9pm, gotta get some work done before going to bed.

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March 1, 2009

Doing little research on project samples, project planning etc.

That's when I decided, I should look for a memory for the Sony Vaio. I found 2 different options, 1 GB and 512 MB. I know currently, it has 512MB only. It has 80GB Hard drive, if I add Memory, it will be faster. After the memory search, I remembered that I should pay the bills,since the due are coming in a week.

I paid bills for electricity,internet,cable and cell phone. After paying the bill, I went to check my Cell phone usage for this bill period. I saw something, shocking, I thought 100 min, 185 minutes and even 200 minutes were shocking. But this time it was 241 minutes at 1:0X AM. I mean what could someone possibly talk on phone for 4 hours at that time when the person should be sleeping so that could get up at 6:00 am for work. I understand it, if you have not talked to the person for a decades or even for years, but this was not acceptable to me. I wanted to just call and tell something but its worthless. It really worthless telling to to people whose priorities are messed up.Yes, I did say Priorities are messed up.

The things the person should be doing, does not have time for it.But ......... My answer to every those stupid excuse is OK. That's the best solution for it. I am sick of telling what should be the best. Well,I don't want to be that bad person anymore.I have been through enough, if I were to go back few years, if I were to be able to change time few years, back I would change so many things.But I am happy the way, I am right now. I know there are things missing, but that's okay. At least, my priorities are not messed up like someone.

Your parents, elders,even youngers and true friends, tell you the right things, you should be doing in life.The things which will/might help you move in right direction. That does not mean, you will not face any obstacles, but at least you are not being advised the wrong things. Here in my case, my experiences taught me a lot of things, made me way stronger than I was before. But.I don't know how could I make this person think in a right brighter direction. I have stopped to say anything, I don't even feel like talking much anymore.

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