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Doing little research on project samples, project planning etc.

That's when I decided, I should look for a memory for the Sony Vaio. I found 2 different options, 1 GB and 512 MB. I know currently, it has 512MB only. It has 80GB Hard drive, if I add Memory, it will be faster. After the memory search, I remembered that I should pay the bills,since the due are coming in a week.

I paid bills for electricity,internet,cable and cell phone. After paying the bill, I went to check my Cell phone usage for this bill period. I saw something, shocking, I thought 100 min, 185 minutes and even 200 minutes were shocking. But this time it was 241 minutes at 1:0X AM. I mean what could someone possibly talk on phone for 4 hours at that time when the person should be sleeping so that could get up at 6:00 am for work. I understand it, if you have not talked to the person for a decades or even for years, but this was not acceptable to me. I wanted to just call and tell something but its worthless. It really worthless telling to to people whose priorities are messed up.Yes, I did say Priorities are messed up.

The things the person should be doing, does not have time for it.But ......... My answer to every those stupid excuse is OK. That's the best solution for it. I am sick of telling what should be the best. Well,I don't want to be that bad person anymore.I have been through enough, if I were to go back few years, if I were to be able to change time few years, back I would change so many things.But I am happy the way, I am right now. I know there are things missing, but that's okay. At least, my priorities are not messed up like someone.

Your parents, elders,even youngers and true friends, tell you the right things, you should be doing in life.The things which will/might help you move in right direction. That does not mean, you will not face any obstacles, but at least you are not being advised the wrong things. Here in my case, my experiences taught me a lot of things, made me way stronger than I was before. But.I don't know how could I make this person think in a right brighter direction. I have stopped to say anything, I don't even feel like talking much anymore.


Dont u have option to buy memoz of higher dan 1GB?if u hav buy higher one so dat u wont hav to update again faster....
and abt another topic... He has fallen in deeply in blind L**e....... He has just blindfolded his eyes for other pple around for his 1 relation .... Wish/pray for him to realise but again its his life ..he has the wheel on his hand of his car(life).... Dont knw what he sees on da person dat he is just intoxicated in it... Well anyway no use talkin on da topics... He'll do wot he thinks is gud in his eyes... Don knw wot to say more

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