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Driving a new 2009 Volkswagen CC 4dr Man Sport

I was excited about the weekend, specially Saturday because I was going to go check out, 2009 Volkswagen CC 4dr Man Sport. After I saw the Brochure, I couldn't wait.

Year: 2009
Make: Volkswagen
Model: CC
Trim: 4dr Man Sport
Exterior Color: DEEP-BLACK

Volkswagen CC Gold Coast 1.jpg

There was a Brand new one in the show room, when I opened the door, fell in love with the Seat, interior, exterior everything. We got a a Deep-Black to drive, when it was parked out, it looked great. Opened the door, and the seats again were great. Electronic seat, I could adjust so easily,fun...

A 6 Gear standard manual with Turbo engine, great car to own one. On the highway, when the RPM went up, it sounded awesome,great,I felt like I was hearing NASCARs running. I was thinking drivers outside on the highway must be saying, Wow...what a car.

I am speechless, how great it felt. After being in that car for 15 minutes, when I sat in my VW Passat, it felt like something was missing. My car has pretty much everything anyone is looking for, but its not a Sports car. I am thinking thinking...

When can I own one? hehe...



thank for the info... u're the best writter...

That looks stunning man, really a powerful performer :)

Very nice car

It's a beautiful machine. I love VW!

Hi Anjana. When I first saw that picture I thought it was a Mercedes. Must be the best looking VW ever ! I want one.

Yes very much like a Merc, wouldn't say no to the car though...

Wonder it would be good as a driving school car. Be fun..

Cool car..

i love it, nice car..

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