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I want to eat something really really spicy, thinking about it,mouth is waterming

I think Newari food is one of the best, tasty, mouth watering food in the whole world. From the color to the taste, the taste to the smell is great.

This entry I am writing, is not about Newari food but instead about Sinhalese food. Last night, I was watching you tube videos of Travel channel, on Sri Lanka. All five parts,they kept showing, spicy spicy food. Rice, paaripu, Sini Sambol, Kottu Roti, Lunu Miris, Maldive Fish, appa, all those dishes making my mouth water.

Maldive Fish is one my best, mainly because its Fish fried in a lot of spices, its hot, some times its extremely hot. And I love it, watching spicy food in the night, when I was feeling hungry, was making me more hungry.I wish they were cooking for me and I was the one eating those food.

I think I enjoyed most was the anchor's comments. He was feeling so hot that, he couldn't think of anything, he felt like he was getting melted in the heat. And when the food came, he was like this is just condiments, entree' is still to come, hehehe....I thought all his comments were funny..


Thanks for compliment on Sri Lankan food. Sri Lankan food is very different from all the other south Asian countries. Yet, people who don't know about it think that its same as Indian food. Not only its way different than Indian food its way better than Indian food.

You are absolutely right. All South Asians,might use the similar spices,but yes Sri Lankan food is different.Mostly,the way its cooked and some of the leaves and ingredients used such as Coconut Milk, Curry Leaf(Kara Pincha etc.

However,in Newari(Nepali) food but we don't use any sort of milk,I don't think we even have coconut milk.We do however have leaf called Tej Paat,which smells good,but we do not eat like Kara Pincha.And yes our food also is different and better than Indian food.

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Ne'er knew this, regards for letting me know.

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