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March 27th,09, Sitting inside Hilton hotel room, waiting for the Housekeeping to come,

so that she can give me a towel, then I can go to shower. Around 1p, I heard a noise, it was more like something hit the door hard. She said,I am very sorry, and then knocked. When I saw the old lady, I felt so bad, I wanted to tell her, not to clean anything. She changed the bed sheet, since it had a mark. She made the bed,I told her not to clean table I was working. I went to tell her not to clean the showerbut she already had. It was a quick one minute spray but still.

She asked me if she should vacuum, I told her not to, she then said thank you. I kept telling myself, I wish the bed sheet didn't have a mark. Otherwise I could have Helped her a little bit. She is 66 with 7 kids and she is from Vietnam and most of her kids work in the Hilton Hotel housekeeping to technician to janitor in school.

I asked her isn't it time for you to retire, she said, I should but I need to money, I can't retire. My heart felt for her, I felt so bad that I thought I wish I could help her.

I am speechless how I felt seeing the old lady, who almost looked like grandma to me. Another reason for me to feel that sad is, she couldn't be more than 100 pounds, so skinny lady, who was pushing like over 300 pound cart with full of towel, cleaning material, trash cans, dishes on the bottom of the cart. If knew, that I would have dropped off the dishes earlier this morning.

I think no matter what kinda of work you do, they are human too, every one have feeling, pain, every one feels tired and everything else. I should have told her, do not make bed either, I do not know what I was thinking.

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