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Thinking, thinking and thinking, but doing nothing, nothing really getting accomplished.

This morning when I left for work, I had planned certain things to do after work. I had a little bit of headache later in the day. I watched TV for about 2 hours, then started staying in front of the computer. I watched some wedding pictures too, who got married on Friday. It was fun, and I saw some unexpected people and I thought, how did she reach there? Oh well, I guess some people do say something and do something else. I felt a little sad however, but that's fine. But I just wish, people will tell the truth.

I guess, this is my best place where I can write what I feel like, I am sure some people might think this is boring, but its really fun to read what I wrote sometimes.I go back and read my old entries, sometimes makes me laugh. Haha.... Anyway almost 9pm, gotta get some work done before going to bed.


R u feeling guilty dat u didnt attend the wedding?....happens though when u see pics and see dat others who're not supposed to attend it enjoyed the event.... Anyways i think u did save money widout attending it...so r u sending me dat amount ....?hehe...tk care..reply this....hehe

Guilty silty Makhu..Mawonagu jilanisa. Woh dheba la gana wona "thinking thinking" hehe...Laptop nyaye ka asey...

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