April 25, 2009

Why do I think too much in case like this?

I found a site yesterday and saw tickets for great price. I was confident that I will find one for a good price, I didn't buy the ticket this morning when it was cheaper and now the price went up. As always telling myself, why didn't I buy it. But tonight sometimes otherwise the first thing in the morning. I can't take this anymore, buy it and have things ready when its time to leave hehe......

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After 6-7 days of practice, I accomplished something today, which I wanted to for more than a decade.

I have always wanted to swim. Every time I see ocean, diving in tv or movies, I say "Wow, I wish I can swim". But those days are over. After practicing for 5 days, I actually am able to float with my friend's help. However, today I had a floating board kinda thing, after 2-3 times of tries, I was floating while swimming for the first time without an assistance from my friend. I was excited, I kept going from one side to another. I drank little water once since I forgot I have to keep kicking.

I was so excited, I was laughing jumping like a little kid in the water. I kept saying, 'my accomplishment', 'I accomplished finally'. There is still more to learn, but being able to float while swimming was just so exciting. Soon, I will be able to swim without the floating board either. I can't wait for that. And I am really grateful to my great friend, who has always been my teacher for a lot of things, and now a swimming teacher. I am very grateful to have a friend like this. Now, soon I can tell my dad, and brothers, I can swim too. Welcome to swimming club.

There was a time, my dad wanted to teach me, it was like a decade ago. The swimming pool we were going to go was far from our place, and we never made it. But things happen for a reason, and I am learning now. I won't be embarrassed anymore just because I can't swim.

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April 16, 2009

Learning about Project Control but the heat is killing us

Outside temperature has reached 70+ and the building maintenance hasn't turned off heat and turned on AC yet. Due to that, all of us here in the class are getting roasted, toasted. Everyone wants to get out as soon as possible. The door is open, I can't imagine if it is closed. We would have been dead by now. As for me, I can't take heat, my nose is blocked, I feel like getting roasted, my feet are swollen due to heat. Thought yesterday OSS building was hot, this is worse.

Please turn off the heat and turn on the AC people, that's why we pay tons of money.

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April 9, 2009

Sitting in the Software Project Management class, learning about Risk Manangement

So far I have learned, there are six basic steps in the Risk Management Process.

I like the material but I do not like to be in the class. I think its true for everyone who is in the class too. The reason I thought of writing this entry is because on the first row, there is a guy, who is falling asleep. He has a laptop in front of him, every few minutes, he falls asleep and his head turns right and left. The professor is right in front of him and he is on the first row, seeing that making me laugh.

I have noticed that every week he does the same thing. I am sure professor has seen him fall asleep every class, he must be thinking, "Am I that boring?" Haha...ask us, we will tell you, that's us students, who are taking the class.

And there is the guy right next to me, he is busy doing his critique, looks like he is done now. Now looks like his research started. He is one of those, who says "Why do I have to take these stupid classes?" I just heard him tell me " Can you stop typing? Its really annoying". I gave him a look and meant, Is it ? hahaha......Almost everyone in the class has a laptop in front of them and they are doing their own stuff, I am pretty sure.

Talking about students in the class,another guy next to me is usually busy chatting. The guys in the last row are usually busy staring at their laptop screen. So, from this you can imagine, how interesting and fun it is to be in the class.

Tomorrow is a day off at work, its nice and want to get out from the class soon too. hehe....

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April 5, 2009

Oh my god, weekend is over, but luckily this week ,its a four day week, sweet

I can't wait it to be Thursday so I can enjoy the three day long weekend, but I have to work on my project on those days. Otherwise, I will be in big trouble since I haven't started my project yet. And I should also start my final for my class so that I won't have to spend as much time as I did for mid-term. That was crazy. Crazier than I thought it would be.

Its almost 8.15pm, I am going to start reading this article so I can finish the critique....

Between few minutes ago, I was checking my Cell phone bills, since its due this week. I was looking at phone records, which was not pleasant at all.

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Yesterday's Momo and golbheda acchar

I had been so busy, and hadn't eaten momo for a while. Everything I needed for momo was there but only three tomatoes. I thought, at first I will wrap the momos then will go get some tomatoes.

I started talking to Rita on the phone, which didn't give me chance to go get some tomatoes. So, I decided to try something different. I boiled three tomatoes, then grind with Hamo chhun, and all other spices. The color was not dark red but the taste was great. Now I will instead skip Dhaniya and put Hamo. Tasty...I still have few left, and its time to go eat those.....

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Finally went on a trip which I was waiting for

I had planned to go to Seattle during Spring break week for two days. I needed to be out from here for few days which worked well. The weather in Seattle was not great, cloudy, rainy. If the weather was good, I would have done more things but it was okay. I did feel fresh when I came back.

I experienced few new things, which made me laugh too. I went to Space Needle, Pine Market or Fish Market, Seattle downtown.....Overall Pine Market/ Fish Market experience would have been better if it was not rainy, and would have got a parking spot. Great place for tourists to walk around to check out stuff. It was a fun small town to walk around.

Here are the interesting things I experienced. Looking for a place to eat dinner, was either looking for Thai or Seafood. Found out that Thin Pan Thai restaurant is a good place to eat. Reached outside of the restaurant, it was not at all appealing to me. I told my friend, I am not sure about this place. But we went inside anyway, found out it was a local Thai restaurant. So, we decided to check out the menu and then decided to eat there.

While looking at the menu, I saw "Stir Fired", it should have been "Stir Fried", it was misspelled, that made me laugh. I had ordered a Spinach wrap, when the order reached my table, it didn't look anything like a wrap. Usually wraps are already wrapped, but this wrap was different. You keep inside your mouth and then it becomes a wrap, I am sure if it making sense, but it was funny. And then I tasted "Thin Pan noodle" for the first time,was tasty and had a good flavor.

But the best part is still to come. Dessert "Fried Banana Ice cream with Coconut", how can Ice-Cream be fried. So, ordered one, it sure was different but was fun to try.

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The past few days found out about some unexpected things

In a way, good for them I guess, I have no comments. But I guess in this selfish world, you have to be one too.You treat them like your family, like your own siblings, but they don't think that way.They will keep in touch with you, only when they need you. That is just wrong. Everyone is just thinking about them but no one else.

I mean for example, my own family I thought we three had a good bond, we shared stuff,we talked about a lot of things. But its been a while things changed. One thinks if I do not call, he can't call, and parents think he is busy. Busy? yeah right. So,I just have made up my mind, if someone thinks they do not need you, be it. I am going to be same, its bad but you can't always be nice. I guess everyone is turning selfish. I have to start learning to be one too. Things have changed, its sad and its all.................

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