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After 6-7 days of practice, I accomplished something today, which I wanted to for more than a decade.

I have always wanted to swim. Every time I see ocean, diving in tv or movies, I say "Wow, I wish I can swim". But those days are over. After practicing for 5 days, I actually am able to float with my friend's help. However, today I had a floating board kinda thing, after 2-3 times of tries, I was floating while swimming for the first time without an assistance from my friend. I was excited, I kept going from one side to another. I drank little water once since I forgot I have to keep kicking.

I was so excited, I was laughing jumping like a little kid in the water. I kept saying, 'my accomplishment', 'I accomplished finally'. There is still more to learn, but being able to float while swimming was just so exciting. Soon, I will be able to swim without the floating board either. I can't wait for that. And I am really grateful to my great friend, who has always been my teacher for a lot of things, and now a swimming teacher. I am very grateful to have a friend like this. Now, soon I can tell my dad, and brothers, I can swim too. Welcome to swimming club.

There was a time, my dad wanted to teach me, it was like a decade ago. The swimming pool we were going to go was far from our place, and we never made it. But things happen for a reason, and I am learning now. I won't be embarrassed anymore just because I can't swim.


......Congrats Congrats Congrats Congrats Congrats Congrats Congrats Congrats Congrats Congrats......

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