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Finally went on a trip which I was waiting for

I had planned to go to Seattle during Spring break week for two days. I needed to be out from here for few days which worked well. The weather in Seattle was not great, cloudy, rainy. If the weather was good, I would have done more things but it was okay. I did feel fresh when I came back.

I experienced few new things, which made me laugh too. I went to Space Needle, Pine Market or Fish Market, Seattle downtown.....Overall Pine Market/ Fish Market experience would have been better if it was not rainy, and would have got a parking spot. Great place for tourists to walk around to check out stuff. It was a fun small town to walk around.

Here are the interesting things I experienced. Looking for a place to eat dinner, was either looking for Thai or Seafood. Found out that Thin Pan Thai restaurant is a good place to eat. Reached outside of the restaurant, it was not at all appealing to me. I told my friend, I am not sure about this place. But we went inside anyway, found out it was a local Thai restaurant. So, we decided to check out the menu and then decided to eat there.

While looking at the menu, I saw "Stir Fired", it should have been "Stir Fried", it was misspelled, that made me laugh. I had ordered a Spinach wrap, when the order reached my table, it didn't look anything like a wrap. Usually wraps are already wrapped, but this wrap was different. You keep inside your mouth and then it becomes a wrap, I am sure if it making sense, but it was funny. And then I tasted "Thin Pan noodle" for the first time,was tasty and had a good flavor.

But the best part is still to come. Dessert "Fried Banana Ice cream with Coconut", how can Ice-Cream be fried. So, ordered one, it sure was different but was fun to try.

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