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Sitting in the Software Project Management class, learning about Risk Manangement

So far I have learned, there are six basic steps in the Risk Management Process.

I like the material but I do not like to be in the class. I think its true for everyone who is in the class too. The reason I thought of writing this entry is because on the first row, there is a guy, who is falling asleep. He has a laptop in front of him, every few minutes, he falls asleep and his head turns right and left. The professor is right in front of him and he is on the first row, seeing that making me laugh.

I have noticed that every week he does the same thing. I am sure professor has seen him fall asleep every class, he must be thinking, "Am I that boring?" Haha...ask us, we will tell you, that's us students, who are taking the class.

And there is the guy right next to me, he is busy doing his critique, looks like he is done now. Now looks like his research started. He is one of those, who says "Why do I have to take these stupid classes?" I just heard him tell me " Can you stop typing? Its really annoying". I gave him a look and meant, Is it ? hahaha......Almost everyone in the class has a laptop in front of them and they are doing their own stuff, I am pretty sure.

Talking about students in the class,another guy next to me is usually busy chatting. The guys in the last row are usually busy staring at their laptop screen. So, from this you can imagine, how interesting and fun it is to be in the class.

Tomorrow is a day off at work, its nice and want to get out from the class soon too. hehe....


I had similar experiencein an e commerce class. I always ask my self" should we tell the professor to try to be more interesting? "

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