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The past few days found out about some unexpected things

In a way, good for them I guess, I have no comments. But I guess in this selfish world, you have to be one too.You treat them like your family, like your own siblings, but they don't think that way.They will keep in touch with you, only when they need you. That is just wrong. Everyone is just thinking about them but no one else.

I mean for example, my own family I thought we three had a good bond, we shared stuff,we talked about a lot of things. But its been a while things changed. One thinks if I do not call, he can't call, and parents think he is busy. Busy? yeah right. So,I just have made up my mind, if someone thinks they do not need you, be it. I am going to be same, its bad but you can't always be nice. I guess everyone is turning selfish. I have to start learning to be one too. Things have changed, its sad and its all.................

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