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I just noticed the right side day light is not working

Beginning of May, noticed a burning smell in the car. Most probably next day, noticed that when I put handbrake, the day lights were not turning off. I started thinking okay, something is wrong now. After a day or two, my best friend and myself went for lunch. We noticed check engine light was on. So, our lunch was basically ruined, thinking okay now whats wrong and how much its going to cost. I am just hopefully nothing much.

I set up appointment, went to VW dealer. After the diagnostic test, they said Brake Vacuum and something else was gone, can't remember what it was. With everything cost me $655. After fixing the car, I went home. After I got back, one day during lunch, I had the car parked outside in the lot. I looked out and noticed something odd in the car exterior. At first, I thought I got a hit and run. I went and checked but the part of the car outside was missing.

Now, what do I do. I called VW again, asked for how much this part would cost. The person said, with everything will come out less than $300. Now today, when I was in the Parking lot, my friend said, the day light on the right side is not working anymore. Now one more thing to fix...I have started hating sometimes.

I want to do the tire rotation and wheel alignment, these are wear and tear, I have to get it done anyways. Its been a year I got this car, I love the car. But, sometimes I get frustrated when things go wrong with it. But I love my Passat.

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