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I've got so many things in my mind to write, where to start clueless

So, many things has happened in the past couple of weeks, some I want to remember some I do not.Whether I want to or not, those will always remain in my memory. With all the hush hush, I finished my finals and headed home. I reached home, shopped and then all the ceremonies started. And by the time, it was finished, almost time for me to head back.

Met couple of friends, it was nice to see them after one and half years. But the sad part is, I couldn't meet Namrata, Atul chha or Namita or Punu. I couldn't believe I didn't meet Atul who has been a good friend of mine since 97. The day I was leaving, I called him and said "ma jandaichhu aja". Miley dekhi aija na...

I should've met Namrata when I went to Yeley, but I didn't meet. Its been almost 4 years I met her. Hopefully when she comes here in August, I will get to meet her. Its sad sometimes how things work..but again things happen for a reason. Hope to see all my friends and family again in the next couple of months. I am positive things will work out as I have planned.

To be continued......................

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