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Michael Jackson, the King of Pop has died

I was getting out from work, about the start the car, decided to listen to Radio and I heard, Michael Jackson has died due to Cardiac Arrest. I thought I heard it wrong, some other person. Then I heard it again, Michael Jackson, I just couldn't believe my ears. I told my friend MJ died. He was also like what really?

Now I am at home, watching news, same news is going on. Some channels are telling, he is in Coma but some are saying he is already dead. But its really sad, I was just reading about the come back 2 days back. I have always loved his music and him as a singer.

God bless his soul....


hola soi de domiminicana tengo 9 aƱos ettoi mui a pasinada de michael jackso. por que es el papa asi tan malo. y disen que michael jaskson esta bibo porfabor avise ok bueno adios

I always loved Michael Jackson Songs. This just doesn't feel real to me. I know it is, but it seems like so surreal.

I haven't been the rabid fan I used to be for some time now, but still I have always remained a follower of Michael and his career, and he is such a part of my childhood, teen and early adult years...I cannot imagine my life without what he contributed to it.

RIP Michael. I hope you have finally found peace. rose

And THANK YOU for all the wonderful, amazing music....

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