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No words to explain how I feel right now...

I do not want to talk to anyone about it. I am frustrated, upset, sad and every possible thing I can be but happy. I work hard for everything but this one thing, the more I get disappointment, I do not want to. I keep telling myself, why me always, why me? You work hard, but you never get it...Am I am that stupid, dumb or am I the dumbest person in the world to not be able to do that much.

Its insane now I have started feeling like I must have some sort of .............But I know its not true. I just want to do just go somewhere scream hard as I can with sadness, disappointment and frustration. Oh god, what do I do, how should I overcome this.

One thing, however I feel, I know I am not dumb or stupid. If I was, I will not have been in a position today with almost a Graduate degree. God what do I do. I am sick of it. I can't stand it anymore....on top one after another things breaking....

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