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Acme Comedy Club @708 Ave N 1st Street...

Last night, I went to watch Stand up comedy in a comedy club with my good friends. I was just hoping to have fun and thinking hopefully these people will not curse too much. Well, they did curse but, I guess people can't make a joke without cursing a f word.

Anyways, the first speaker I thought was fun. Second started okay, but got worse. Third I thought was a the worst. I guess I was getting tired by that time, on top of that I think up above me was the vent which was throwing cold air. My legs were feeling chilly, I just wanted to relax my legs. I was getting uncomfortable and the jokes were not funny at all. I was just waiting it to be over.

It was fun but when then jokes don't make you laugh, its not fun anymore....I would like to go again if Russell Peters comes or someone else I know....


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