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Wimbledon and now Tour de France

Wimbledon finished with Roger Federer as the winner, great result. Now its the Tour de France...I have been watching it off and on day and night...I am hearing a lot of times Lance Armstrong, Alberto Contado and Cadal Evans. After the tour is finished, I might be just hearing the people announcing hehe..Its fun....

This afternoon was extremely exciting. Lance was trying to beat like he did yesterday, but he ended up being 4/5. Couldn't tell because Lance and another guy were so close to each other.

Can't come up with anything right now, better stop here...


roger federer is also my fac player.

This year, Wimbledon finished with Novac Djokovic as the winner, having defeated last year's Champion, Rafal Nadal, in a four set final.

Roger Federer, though not able to win the Wimbledon tennis Championships for the last two years (since 2009), has instead managed to win another tennis tournament in London in both 2010 and 2011: The Barclays ATP Tour finals.

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