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Wine tasting at work celebrating a Product release

I was looking for an email at work on Wednesday afternoon. That's when I found an email with a subject "Party......". date July 1st, 09. At 4pm, there was an announcement, "Wine tasting will start at 4pm on the 11th floor Think Tank". I do not like wine much but the fact of getting together sounded good to me. I joined as all other 39 people did.

Everyone was given a sheet of paper to fill out our wine tasting result. There were rules written in a sheet of paper too. At first, seemed like a lot of work but then thought it would be fun anyways.We all started tasting wine, there were 8 different kinds of wine, red and white. Those wine were divided into 4 different pairs. The first paid tasted good, second was not as good as the first. Third and fourth were red wine and they tasted bad. I could only taste the taste, that's it, threw rest that was left in the glass.

At the end, recognition certificates were handed out to those who had helped and worked on to make the product release successful and go live. One fine late afternoon to remember at work. Thats what I love about my work.


Something you mentioned that deserves specific to it point is reading the actual comment discussions. A lot of the time, the greatest nuggets of information originated from the comments and the talks taking place , within.

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