August 31, 2009

Realized this is the last week before classes start

So, far I have been thinking two more weeks but I was wrong. Yesterday Sunny said, isn't it a week after this week. I said no, but then when I thought about the dates, I was like yes you are right. I mean until the real day comes, it feels like too early but after that, it will be normal. Classes will resume, every week, I will go to class, study, do school work and semester will be over soon haha....That just went too fast now...That's not really how the semester gets over though.

Well, hopefully the semester will be good as I had last semester, hopefully its not 4.0, something closer I can get. After this semester, is my last. Thinking about that excites me then I have to start thinking about other stuff. Start making plans, what do I do next, where do I go etc etc etc....How do I make use of this degree? Nothing is easy after all. :)

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Why is it going no where? "C'est un message pour vous"

This is driving me crazy. Ugh....I can't wait anymore....

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August 27, 2009

Listening to "Yeh shaam phir nahi aayegi" by N.F.A.K

Listening to this song after he mentioned, and I have been just listening. I am getting hooked, can't stop listening. :)

Yeh shaam phir nahi aayegi
Yeh shaam
Kuch na kaha to, kuch na suna to
Yew he dhal jaye gi

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August 25, 2009

One great evening out before Oil Change

We headed to Uptown Minneapolis to a Thai Restaurant. The place wasn't super nice but the food was. We ordered three different entree with couple of Appetizer. Everything was great. My mouth is still watering thinking about the food hehe.....

After having a great dinner, headed to Lake Calhoun. It was a little dark by that time but we just drove around the Lake. We stopped there for few minutes, took few pictures by that time, it got dark. We then headed to Burnsville VW. While waiting for the Oil Change was getting done, we started looking at cars. I checked out the Trade In 'Smart Car', which kind was cool. I didn't think it would be that comfortable sitting in that car but it was. The seat was good, it felt like sitting on the SUV or something, seat was high. I then looked at VW CC, man thats a sweet ride. I didn't want to get out from the car though. At some point, I had to right?

After checking out and talking about cars, we took it slow. We started reading the world map that was in the dealer wall, basically a wallpaper. It was stupid how we couldn't find some countries. I thought it wasn't the greatest map but, was worth reading the map while we wait for the oil change to be finished.

It was 10pm, we had had enough of laugh, and was getting sleepy and were so ready to be home. The funny thing happened after wards was, I took a wrong car key, which looked exactly like mine. Every time, we tried to open, it would turn on light in another car. After few tries, we realized what was going on. That was a good laugh......

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Get Well card just made me feel good

I was getting ready to leave for airport since my brother is leaving today. Right that time, I got a card on my hand. I looked inside, it was written my name on the envelope. I thought for a second and was like, who sent me this.

I opened the card, read the comments, that just made me feel good. I couldn't stop reading the fun, caring comments. I love it, want to read it again. :) Its nice to know that people care. This is the third thing from my work. The first one was, the flower basket which was pretty surprising to me. I was so happy. After coming home, I received the Get Well Soon card from Joan C. That made me feel good too.

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August 24, 2009

Spent half of the day talking about German cars

Started with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's songs. Conversation however got side tracked to cars. I had to look at the KBB site to check a BMW 2000 3 Series Value. Then we started talking about Trade In Value of cars. The next thing, I know is, both were watching BMW and Mercedes sites. But the truth is Mercedes E550 2010 model really is super sleek. My favorite part however is the back of the car, super sweet, sleek, can't stop looking at it.

BMW new 3 Series isn't bad either, luxurious yet sporty looking. Sweet cars and fun to watch them, drive and be in them and of course to own them is nicer too....

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August 20, 2009

Recovery process

So, far feeling good, things are going alright. I weighed myself and fibroid did weigh couple of lbs. But hasn't even been a week but I have started to feel uncomfortable, frustrated and ......Is it "The fact that I can't drive, go out, walk, workout or is it something else?" I strongly feel its something else.

For the first time in my life, I took a step and not sure where its going now. I do not feel like studying which I should or watch movies. I want to go shop, divert my mind a little or go on a vacation.

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August 18, 2009

After the procedure

By the time, I felt like talking a little bit, it was dark. Different nurses were coming in and going, taking temperature, blood pressure etc. I tried to get up in the evening for a walk, I felt awful due to nausea. I went back to bed. I was crying in pain. My shoulder hurts on the right not sure why. Its hurting, hurting 'aiya ma', 'aiya ma'. Rob the night shift nurse gave me Vicodin. I felt asleep but getting awake every hour or so when nurses were coming in to check on me for temperature and blood pressure. The next day again Beth/Stacey came to check stuff.

The hardest part was nausea, not been able to eat anything but liquid etc. I felt better on Saturday. But by evening, they had to put the 'C.....' again which let me to stay in the hospital for the third day. By the third day, I felt much better, I was able to get up from bed without much trouble, walk more etc. Sunday evening I got discharged and now I am home resting. I am very thankful to all who took care of me, my brother, friend and all the hospital staff. And doctor mentioned that procedure went well, didn't touch the tube which we were worried about.

Good luck to me in the recovery process.

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August 14th, 09 my procedure "l. per m."

Thursday all day, I was scared, nervous, my stomach was growling. Anything I ate, didn't taste at all. I was worried more than ever. I went to pick up my brother. We came home made some dinner and ate. I couldn't eat after 11.30pm, so I finished dinner later than usual. At 10.30pm, I drank the final sip of water.

I kept the alarm to get up at 4am, took shower and got ready. Then I woke my friend and brother up. We reached Health East St.Johns at 5.30am sharp. The moment that we entered, I got an odd feeling. Not the kinda feeling I ever want to have. I filled up some paper work, the nurse took me to the other area to get ready for the procedure. Slowly it started to feel like, it is actually happening. They did the blood test, urine test, blood pressure, oxygen level, temperature. Everything seemed normal.

Anesthesiologist came to talk to me. Then another came, nurse, doctor everyone. Soon it was 7am. One of the Anesthesiologist IV started for me and put a motion sickness sticker behind my neck. In another few minutes, we were laughing saying different kinda of drugs. Soon, it was time for me to go to the surgery room. By that time, I had already started to feel little sleepy. I remember saying something but also remember reaching the surgery room too. After that in a minute or so, I was blacked out.

In about few hours, I felt like I am awake but not completely awake. The staff kept talking to me, we are going to move you from the bed to another. They said 1,2,3 and they moved me. I then was transferred to my room. I was getting irritated too whenever everyone talked. I couldn't tolerate my brother and my friend talking. I told them shut up, don't talk. I feel like nausea.

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August 13, 2009

August 12th, 09, am amazing evening with him

As I was pretty upset thinking, am I desperate, pathetic etc etc. The day came and the time came. He came to pick me up. I told him I don't know where to go..Its kinda stupid but I admit it, I don't know very many places. But I gave him the choice and we went where he said we will. I had the most amazing time with him. He was sitting right by me, less than 12 inches away. I touched him few times, said sorry too since I didn't want him to feel else otherwise.

After dinner we went to the Park for a walk, that was more amazing that anything for me. He told me about museum, art etc etc, I loved listening to that. He made fun of me couple of times, laughed at me. I was embarrassed too, but I can't do much about it. But I really felt like he kinda wanted me to make a move or something.

I let him hold my hand, which he was little hesitant not sure why...But he did anyway...I had all these things saying, touch me, which he did once...I wanted to give him a hug before he dropped me off, but not sure how he would have felt...But after yesterday he hasn't sent me message or wrote anything to me yet. Hopefully he had a great time with me, like I did. However, I told him that I had a great time with him. I touched his hand when I said so...It felt good, how he felt, is only he knows though...

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August 4, 2009

August 14th is approaching, I am getting more and more nervous, scared.

It was few weeks back when I said okay and decided to go with it. But now that I think of it, I am scared, worried, nervous, everything. I think it could be one of the reasons, I can't fall asleep, its a guess. It could be true.

This Friday is pre-op and then next Friday is the main day. The more I think about it, I get more scared. I don't want to think about it but I can't stop thinking about it either. But I am still hoping, things will all go fine and I will be fine....

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