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August 12th, 09, am amazing evening with him

As I was pretty upset thinking, am I desperate, pathetic etc etc. The day came and the time came. He came to pick me up. I told him I don't know where to go..Its kinda stupid but I admit it, I don't know very many places. But I gave him the choice and we went where he said we will. I had the most amazing time with him. He was sitting right by me, less than 12 inches away. I touched him few times, said sorry too since I didn't want him to feel else otherwise.

After dinner we went to the Park for a walk, that was more amazing that anything for me. He told me about museum, art etc etc, I loved listening to that. He made fun of me couple of times, laughed at me. I was embarrassed too, but I can't do much about it. But I really felt like he kinda wanted me to make a move or something.

I let him hold my hand, which he was little hesitant not sure why...But he did anyway...I had all these things saying, touch me, which he did once...I wanted to give him a hug before he dropped me off, but not sure how he would have felt...But after yesterday he hasn't sent me message or wrote anything to me yet. Hopefully he had a great time with me, like I did. However, I told him that I had a great time with him. I touched his hand when I said so...It felt good, how he felt, is only he knows though...


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