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One great evening out before Oil Change

We headed to Uptown Minneapolis to a Thai Restaurant. The place wasn't super nice but the food was. We ordered three different entree with couple of Appetizer. Everything was great. My mouth is still watering thinking about the food hehe.....

After having a great dinner, headed to Lake Calhoun. It was a little dark by that time but we just drove around the Lake. We stopped there for few minutes, took few pictures by that time, it got dark. We then headed to Burnsville VW. While waiting for the Oil Change was getting done, we started looking at cars. I checked out the Trade In 'Smart Car', which kind was cool. I didn't think it would be that comfortable sitting in that car but it was. The seat was good, it felt like sitting on the SUV or something, seat was high. I then looked at VW CC, man thats a sweet ride. I didn't want to get out from the car though. At some point, I had to right?

After checking out and talking about cars, we took it slow. We started reading the world map that was in the dealer wall, basically a wallpaper. It was stupid how we couldn't find some countries. I thought it wasn't the greatest map but, was worth reading the map while we wait for the oil change to be finished.

It was 10pm, we had had enough of laugh, and was getting sleepy and were so ready to be home. The funny thing happened after wards was, I took a wrong car key, which looked exactly like mine. Every time, we tried to open, it would turn on light in another car. After few tries, we realized what was going on. That was a good laugh......

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