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Realized this is the last week before classes start

So, far I have been thinking two more weeks but I was wrong. Yesterday Sunny said, isn't it a week after this week. I said no, but then when I thought about the dates, I was like yes you are right. I mean until the real day comes, it feels like too early but after that, it will be normal. Classes will resume, every week, I will go to class, study, do school work and semester will be over soon haha....That just went too fast now...That's not really how the semester gets over though.

Well, hopefully the semester will be good as I had last semester, hopefully its not 4.0, something closer I can get. After this semester, is my last. Thinking about that excites me then I have to start thinking about other stuff. Start making plans, what do I do next, where do I go etc etc etc....How do I make use of this degree? Nothing is easy after all. :)

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