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Spent half of the day talking about German cars

Started with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's songs. Conversation however got side tracked to cars. I had to look at the KBB site to check a BMW 2000 3 Series Value. Then we started talking about Trade In Value of cars. The next thing, I know is, both were watching BMW and Mercedes sites. But the truth is Mercedes E550 2010 model really is super sleek. My favorite part however is the back of the car, super sweet, sleek, can't stop looking at it.

BMW new 3 Series isn't bad either, luxurious yet sporty looking. Sweet cars and fun to watch them, drive and be in them and of course to own them is nicer too....


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The Bmw X5 is my current favourite german 7 passenger vehicle , i do have a fondness for the American buicks though , dont agree about the mercs the ride is awful..

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