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After a great Sunti nakha:, stressful week and after wards sick..

I have had cough and cold the past few days. On top of that when I woke up this morning, I had a terrible headache, thought drinking two Tylenol would help. Unfortunately, this time it didn't work that way. I got ready, went to work, headache was getting worse. Every time I coughed, it seemed to get worse and worse.

Finally after being at work for 6 hours, I decided to head home. I thought not staring at two 19 inch monitors would reduce the pain but I was wrong. While I was home, it hurt so much that two drops of tears fell off. I couldn't even stand or walk, the pain would go up constantly. It felt like worms were moving on my head.

Even with the headache, I decided to do some laundry. While my clothes were getting washed, I did some Yoga and fell asleep for like 10-15 minutes on the floor. When I opened my eyes, my headache had gone down, felt better. Now, I am using the computer again, feels like headache is coming back. May be I should just go to bed. From tomorrow work on assignment and paper after work. And also start work out schedule from tomorrow.

I can't wait to start working out and burn those calories. Even though I have not been eating too much. However, I had some Junk Food today. I had Special K Cereal for breakfast as usual, then had a banana in the lunch time. Around 2.30-3pm, I had two Fish Fillet with hot sauce instead of fat tartar sauce with cheese. I also had some French fries after long time. It felt great to eat some junk food after a long time. Now I feel hungry and may be I should eat a snack and call it a dinner before going to bed.

And as usual waiting...........

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