November 21, 2009

Nights in Rodanthe 2008, Richard Gere and Diane Lane

After a hectic, stressful week and annoying all day Saturday class, I had to do something to relax. Basically watch tv or a nice movie. Searching through HBO Demand movies, found "Nights in Rodanthe" a Drama/Romance. I had seen the trailers last year but never got to watch it. And I finally did today, which was the best thing I did today I think.

Slow yet very interesting movie romantic movie. But it ended sadly though. I still can watch the movie again, I just loved it. I think Richard Gere and Diane Lane look great together.

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Jandaichhu by 1974 A.D

Jandaichhu, aba chodi taada
timilai, timilai aa aa aai
Ti bacha, bandhan haru
Soompiyera, timilai

Baandhidaichhu ma, sansar ko reet ta ma 2 _ _ _
Gaundaichhu yo, bichod ko geeta lai

I am in love with this song and can't stop singing it, so much like me....

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November 13, 2009

Do lafzo ki hai dil ki kahaani by Asha Bhonsle

(do lafzo ki hai dil ki kahaani
ya hai mohabbat ya hai jawaani)(3)

(dil ki baaton ka matlab na poochho
kuch aur humse bas ab na poochho)(2)
jiss ke liye hai duniya deewani
ya hai mohabbat ya hai jawaani

(yeh kashti wala kya gaa raha tha
koyi isse bhi yaad aa raha tha)(2)
kisse puraane yaadein puraani
ya hai mohabbat ya hai jawaani

(iss zindagi ke din kitne kam hai
kitni hai khushiyan aur kitne gham hai) (2)
lag ja gale se rut hai suhani
ya hai mohabbat ya hai jawaani

do lafzo ki hai dil ki kahaani
ya hai mohabbat ya hai jawaani

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November 12, 2009

Well things happen when your mind is not in place.

My mind is not in proper place since yesterday afternoon, there is a reason behind it but don't want to share here in my blog. So, this morning too, it was in the same boat. I got ready, headed to work, realized, I wore my ear rings (dangly) but didn't wear the lock which protects it from falling.

I told myself, okay how can it stay safe till almost 10pm tonight. Around noon or little after, I noticed, my right ear does not have the dangly anymore. I was little upset, started looking for it, no luck. I thought okay now I know where it went.

I went to school, came back, and while I was changing I found it, where I found it was the funniest one. I am happy I found it. Finally a happy ending for the day, want something else to end in happiness too, but so far no luck yet. I still have hope, I have my fingers crossed. Here comes Leah email too. haha...

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November 10, 2009

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

Who knows? What I am doing to do? Time will tell I guess. Yaye masti woi chiz chai, go ju e kwa mawo, ju sa gulli jiu, ji chai mati jaka yana chonigu ka aa...

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November 7, 2009

Google Android vs. Verizon Driod, which is better?

In my case, which one do I like. Well, when Android came out, I was excited to check out the application in it. One of my very good friends got this phone directly from Google, its kinda neat. I thought the phone is too big for me, but application wise, pretty cool. And here after almost a year, Motorola decided to come up with Droid, which was released in the US market yesterday.

This time one of my co-workers bought it. The phone was a little bit heavier compared to Android but it was thinner and neat looking. I thought it was cool too. Size wise, both are same, except one it a bit thinner than other. Weight wise, Droid is heavier since the phone battery cover are made from Metal.

After all, I use the phone to take calls and text anyway...AndroidNDroid.bmp

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Just about to get out and found out the class has been cancelled.

Well, its good but again its bad. Its bad because there will be a make up session which might let the class go one more extra week than it should. And also we have not discussed much about next assignment and its due in next session. Its a disadvantage to those who have presentation that day on this assignment.

Anyway its a beautiful day, I am just enjoying listening to songs. Soon, will do some studies. However, I made a use of the morning by heading to the gym early morning. I feel lighter ha ha.....

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November 5, 2009

I want something which I know I can't have it right now. Why am I feeling the way I am?

Feels helpless and the feeling is not going away. Hopefully "Dhunga Phorna K Garo chha yahan, mann ko kura kholna garo bho" will make me feel better instead. Have to do something right....

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November 1, 2009

So far at least IR homework is done, however I need to read more notes...

I have to completely review the SRS paper and add stuff if I can. Then the Instruction Manual assignment. I do have some work on Java to get done too. Hopefully Review 4 assignment gets posted by tomorrow, otherwise again will have to do till Friday night, which is not fun to do.For once, I want to relax on Friday night before the class on Saturday.

Oh no, its almost dark and the weekend is over in few hours.

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I got a feeling, tonight is gonna be a good good night. Would be nice, if it does, ha ha...

One of the songs, I have been listening to.Some of the songs, I think are fun to listen right now....

Baby are you down down, down down Jay Sean
Obsessed by Mariah Carey
Breakup by Mario
Love Lockdown by Kanye West
I know you want me, you know I want me by Pitbull
Best I ever had by Drake

Once again, Baby are you down down, down down downnnn and I got a feeling, tonight is gonna be a good good night.

Jay Sean feat Lil Wayne- Down Lyrics

Jay Sean
Baby are you down down down down down,
Down, down,
Even if the sky is falling down,
Down, down
Ooh (ohhh)
(Verse 1)

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I am positive that today will be a productive day.

Due to Day Light Saving, we got an extra hour. I got up the same time our mind and body is used to be getting up the same time, regardless we gain or lose an hour.

Made breakfast and had while watching the Formula 1 Car Racing. I haven't watched it for a while and it was amazing to watch the end. It was amazing, I've no words to describe it. :)
After wards took shower, headed to gym while my hair was completely wet. 20 minutes in the Elliptical, 5 laps in the Tread Mill and another 10-15 minutes the machines. Feeling after working out, was priceless.

After a few minutes of relaxation, started working on IR homework. Reading the paper again which I had read yesterday while getting lost over and over. Now, hopefully I will get it done today. And now I am staying positive and hoping I will get more work done and feel good about it. And forget everything that I shouldn't be thinking...

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