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Google Android vs. Verizon Driod, which is better?

In my case, which one do I like. Well, when Android came out, I was excited to check out the application in it. One of my very good friends got this phone directly from Google, its kinda neat. I thought the phone is too big for me, but application wise, pretty cool. And here after almost a year, Motorola decided to come up with Droid, which was released in the US market yesterday.

This time one of my co-workers bought it. The phone was a little bit heavier compared to Android but it was thinner and neat looking. I thought it was cool too. Size wise, both are same, except one it a bit thinner than other. Weight wise, Droid is heavier since the phone battery cover are made from Metal.

After all, I use the phone to take calls and text anyway...AndroidNDroid.bmp


Does Google actually make a phone? I thought they were just pushing the open Android OS platform for phones in general. Some of the newer Android phones out include the Moto Droid, HTC Hero, and Samsung Moment but I wasn't aware of Google making an actual phone like Apple is.


I would go with the Google Android. I like the look and feel of it better.

Go with Google Android. I can't wait to get one myself.

Google Android is on the way I am waiting

I remember when I got my G1 a few years ago. It was the very first one with Android OS. Soon it will be taking over the phone and tablet markets.

In my opinion Google Android is better as is highly supported by Apps from Android Market and other sources for the same...I own a Samsung Galaxy Pop Android 2.2 and it works great..
here you can see the out of box review
Samsung Galaxy Pop Android 2.2

Great Post!

Android has come a long ways in the few years since this post! Its fun to look at the old pics.

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