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I am positive that today will be a productive day.

Due to Day Light Saving, we got an extra hour. I got up the same time our mind and body is used to be getting up the same time, regardless we gain or lose an hour.

Made breakfast and had while watching the Formula 1 Car Racing. I haven't watched it for a while and it was amazing to watch the end. It was amazing, I've no words to describe it. :)
After wards took shower, headed to gym while my hair was completely wet. 20 minutes in the Elliptical, 5 laps in the Tread Mill and another 10-15 minutes the machines. Feeling after working out, was priceless.

After a few minutes of relaxation, started working on IR homework. Reading the paper again which I had read yesterday while getting lost over and over. Now, hopefully I will get it done today. And now I am staying positive and hoping I will get more work done and feel good about it. And forget everything that I shouldn't be thinking...

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