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Well things happen when your mind is not in place.

My mind is not in proper place since yesterday afternoon, there is a reason behind it but don't want to share here in my blog. So, this morning too, it was in the same boat. I got ready, headed to work, realized, I wore my ear rings (dangly) but didn't wear the lock which protects it from falling.

I told myself, okay how can it stay safe till almost 10pm tonight. Around noon or little after, I noticed, my right ear does not have the dangly anymore. I was little upset, started looking for it, no luck. I thought okay now I know where it went.

I went to school, came back, and while I was changing I found it, where I found it was the funniest one. I am happy I found it. Finally a happy ending for the day, want something else to end in happiness too, but so far no luck yet. I still have hope, I have my fingers crossed. Here comes Leah email too. haha...

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