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Finally made it to Chicago,IL and it was great.

I have been saying, I want to go to Chicago, I want to go to Chicago, but finally I made it this time. I went to meet my friend but wasn't the greatest experience. But, my SL frens once again, gave me a good time while I was there. We walked so much in that cold weather, talked, ate, drank. It was an amazing experience. All of us, decided to not think of studies for those couple of day.

I could just do nothing but walk around in Chicago downtown, it was fun hanging out there at least this time of the year with all lights, decoration around. The Millennium Park, the Bean, Sears Tower plus its extended Deck, Magnificent Mile, the Bentley and Ferrari showroom, State street, Michigan Street. And one of the places where we ate was this small Mexican restaurant where we ate Fish Tacos, yum those were tasty..

Overall, it was fun hanging out with my SL frens. Sometimes I feel so much like a Sri Lankan than who I am haha...


I've never been to Chicago but I've always wanted to go. It must be quite chilly this time of year.

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