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I don't remember having this bad weather in Xmas ever...

And this is the first Xmas, I actually wanted to do something which would make me happy. Spending time is what I was referring to. But its been snowing for the past two days. And its just going to snow the next two days too. We can't go anywhere, weather is so bad outside.

But "Ji jigu nuga: leyta, chha naapa khhan lhaye khangu ni, chhanta naa:pa layegu do, khasaa, jyu kha. Tara, pini soya, chhanta kaawa dhayegu hey aaat mawola jita:"

I guess I should go outside and play in the snow instead. Between I just saw my grade for Tech.Comm class, got an "A" which is good. Hopefully I will get at least a ...in IR. Fingers crossed...


Great article. I never thought about can disagreeing! You're right nonetheless, that people rarely disagree inside of a respectful way. If you just aren't respectful, chances are that your comment is not approved or deleted.

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