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Scary thought, not as scary as it sounds but still....

Currently, I am finishing Grad School in Software Engineering. And I know what I want to do next. I have been in school almost all my life and at this point, I want to take at least, 1 year of break before I decide to go for MBA. However, I have started to feel tired of being in school. Currently, I am working full-time and full-time school, its hard, I mean its just hard, can't explain more. Work load doesn't let me do much so whenever I get chance, I go on vacation, travel etc etc....

Now, I am getting lost here, the reason I started this entry was for a reason. Do I still remember it? Hmmm....looks like I do. All of us are good and bad at different things. Some people are good at writing, some are at communicating, etc etc.At least in my case, I know I am not good at writing especially when it comes to summarizing, writing technical papers, Ph.D stuff. Oh lord, Ph.D, Did I just say Ph.D?

Well, from the past couple of days, I have started to have this scary thought, feel like I want to do Ph.D. I know I am not a Ph.D Material. The reason I say that is, I am not good at writing, reading the papers and doing all sorts of things. Ph.D is not a joke which I know for fact. But still, its coming in my mind and its one of the scariest thoughts I am having.

I can't think of anything what I want to write in this entry anymore. I better start working on my paper for Information Retrieval "Recommender Systems in E-Commerce".

But I have no intention to go for Ph.D, too much school. Instead I need to think about....


all the best for all your dreams and goals for I know you have all the confidence and you are smart enough. I hope you can achieve what you have thought for. I am proud of you dear tata

go for it


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