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I feel great, once again I feel like myself.

My previous entry was about 'Sleep Deprivation' and I was getting worried, and worried about it. I had started to feel like another person every morning I woke up. But, yesterday I seriously decided to take Tylenol PM and sleep at least one night good.

So, after work, I headed to Rainbow foods and got some of those. I worked out, later had my dinner. Around 8pm, I was debating, should I take Tylenol PM or not. I was scared thinking will I fall asleep forever or what, haha...just a joke.Anyways I took the tablets, realized it was only 8.33pm. I was like, 'oh no' this is not good, but again thought, may be this is good, may be I will sleep early, might get more sleep.

Time was running out, it was like 9:00 pm. Read the book for few minutes. While trying to fall asleep, Sunny called me, we talked for few minutes. After that, I waited for text from 'B'. While sending the text back and forth, I read the article he had mentioned. While reading the article, I met Deepak online, chat with him like 5 minutes. Received another text around 11pm, replied to it, and I started feeling sleepy too.

And I fell asleep and that was for the whole night. When I heard the alarm at 6.30am, I wanted to sleep more, but I didn't feel tired. I just wanted to sleep longer. Finally @ 7.20am, I decided to get up and that's when I realized I had fallen asleep good. Today, I feel good, looking forward for a great day, looking forward to good things to happen.

Drove to work, Jay Sean's song "Do you remember" was on 'Now B96.3', I just felt better. One good night sleep, good song, good morning, and looking forward to a good/better day. I just want the day to be as productive as possible.

Btw today is the day I left Nepal, for my studies, almost closed to a decade ago.


Dats gud dat u got a gud sound sleep... When u do feel like insomiac den drink a glass of water wid lemon n some sugar..i guess it wrks nt sure though.... or Listen to songs in lowest volume ......
And i knew its ur anniversary leaving nepal..... Its ur 9th i guess?
Ok tc...ttyl

Good to read that you got a good sleep. But try to sleep without taking any medicine.
So this is da day you leave Nepal. What to say “ happy anniversary leaving Nepal” hahahha
And you always have good time ahead I mean alwaysssssssss

Have a good sleep!

What's up friends, its enormous post about cultureand entirely explained, keep it up all the time.

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