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On Jun 20 2007, I created an entry "Technology sucks at UST"...

Yes, today I have one example to give or write here. Its been over 90 days, I reset my password. I couldn't get into Library system that's when I found out my password has expired. So, this morning I decided to call IRT.

The phone rang, someone picked up and asked me "Whats your user name?". I told her that I needed to reset the password. I would think the password will get reset in a minute. But, instead I heard the system is really slow. After about few minutes, I heard "Can you hold for a minute?". Well I had been on hold, duhhh....

Then she said, our password system is down but I have changed your password, and it should work in the next 20 minutes. I asked myself, if the password system is down, how did you reset my password? Now I am confused. Are you guys confused too like me???


Great article as soon as again it just would go to prove that: it's not whatever you do, but how you should do it!

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