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Once again, today is Friday and in the next two hours, weekend will start.

If I have to rate this week, I would say good/great. Weekend was great and so was the Personal day. Its been busy at work off and on. Got some things done and now I am almost ready to be home in few hours.

However, I am hoping I won't be bored to death like I was last Friday. Keeping my fingers crossed for that.

A silly thought came to my mind, thought is to write a method and here it goes.

* This method explains how work should be done :)
public void workType () {
If ( work == busy) {
work aggressively ;
} Else {

What a stupid method? There are no variables defined and nothing is done properly but just an if statement. I would write a better method when I am in mood, may be later today. Now, I feel like writing a method which actually makes sense.....

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