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Janauary 2nd, second day of year 2010....

Yesterday after a very long time, I talked to Subi my friend from school whom I have known for a very long time. Anyways, I found out finally she is flying home after 2+ years. I was excited to find out. I was talking to my friend Deepak and there her message popped up in msn.

We ended up having conversation over Voice Chat in MSN. I mean its been a whole year, we talked to each other like this. Every time, we see each other in msn, we say hi and bye or say busy talk to you later. But yesterday was great. We were making plans about me coming home and meeting her, going for trekking etc etc....So, now I am seriously thinking about going after talking to Nhas, Hisi and Subi. And also after looking at all the beautiful sarees for Bhadra's dai's wedding, I just want to go without thinking about anything.

Not something I can do, but I am seriously thinking, hopefully in less than a week, I will decide and buy ticket and fly home. There are so many things to think, plan and everything else. And before I start getting sad, and type some depressing stuff, I will stop this entry.

Looking forward to being home, attend Bhadra dai's wedding, be with everyone and enjoy every minute of my time there, if I get/decide to go.....


deepak who is that i hve never heard abt him

Paasa kha, chhan mha: masyu

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