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Sleep deprived and have headache this morning, yet I am happy.

Happy because I had a great weekend. I even got "Do Jwor" which now gave me cold sore. My back hurts a bit and have a headache, but I won't complain about it. What I am writing. However, I took some Excedrin for headache.

To Be Continued......

Same day January 11th, 2010 @ 3:06 CST time
I have started to feel weird, weirder than ever. I think not being able to fall asleep well is the reason behind all this. I can't seem to be able to hold the pen or pencil properly and I can't write well, my handwriting looks odd. Weird I know. My stomach feels weird, cold sore has bigger than this morning. At this point, I am just thinking about it to be 5pm, and head out to relax. There is so much work I want to get done, but these feelings are not helping me. I do feel weak, my left eye feels like twitching off and on, every hour or so.

I actually read the solution for Sleep Deprivation today and also sent my Med student brother email, if he knows any solution to it. I am just hoping and looking forward that this will end soon.

Who knows I might add again some lines in here later today. It all depends upon how I feel.



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