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Wednesday is almost over and soon will be two more days of work this week.

Good and bad, good because soon it will be weekend. Bad because one more week of freedom and then classes, we will be busy again. Soon I will start complaining, :). But, well I am just happy that the winter break is so worth it.

This morning, right after I woke up, I thought may be my phone might ring and it could be my parents. There I thought, the phone rang. It was dad, because he remembered me today, told me about Bhadra dai's Swoyambar and also Jolly, my childhood friend's wedding. I then talked to mom but had to cut the call short since I had to get ready for work. Felt good to talk to dad and mom as soon as I woke up.

Happy thinking about happy happy stuff. Aley Chanta lumanka chona....


Suyu bya??..aley suita lumanka chwonau huh jjita la????hehe ;) tc

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