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When it comes to friends, I will do anything and also I always have time for them.

But when I need them I never have friends around me. This is just how it works for me always. Out of all good friends of mine, there is one who always makes me feel good when I am feeling down. We have been friends for almost a decade now. He always cheers me up. So, for the past few days, I have been feeling down/unhappy because of a reason, and I was just talking to him about it. He really did make me feel good and he does have a point, how men are etc etc.

Even though how down I was feeling about it, after talking to him, I feel good. I hope that's how it is as he said. We talk every weekend, its like one of the things we do during the weekend. At least, we talk Saturday or Sunday. As soon as, I find myself in stressful or unhappy situation, I talk to him. And there is another great friend of mine, DAPU, who has helped me, and been there for me in all the good and bad times, hard times, fun times etc.

So, my whole point is, have to have friends. And no matter how busy or stressed or sick I am, I always take out time for them when they have things to talk to me, need advice, or share their problems. And I always get the compliment saying how reliable I am. I am just like this, I love to help others when they need. Because at some point, we all get into situation where we need someone to talk to and share the problems, when you can't find, that the worst feeling one can have. Been there done that and never want to be there. So, I don't want my friends to be like that either.


I think we must convey our brand when we finally say anything online. plus, yes, that means currently being extremely careful. It only takes a second for something distasteful to return and bite - not today, but perhaps next week.

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