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For a Monday, day was alright but now I feel so screwed....

School started today. I dropped today's class and now have to decide among the rest of the three courses. I am clueless on three courses however. Every single class looks so hard, I am worried.

Internet working Architecture
Advance Web Application and Development
Client Server

All are advanced graduate courses and I am not sure about any of the courses. I want to take the Advance Web Application and Development but, when I looked at the Syllabus, I feel its going to be really tough. I am scared I won't be able to do work well to get good grades, however, without attending the first class its hard to judge.

I am really scared, this is my last semester and I just want to do well with interesting classes. Sometimes I feel like not taking class this semester but again its really not a good solution.

What do I do? Scared, messed up and in not good condition......

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