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Glad its Friday night, it sure was a stressful week...

Well the earlier part of the week, it was stressful because 'jimi yoma' ta:n chaya chhongu ni. After two days in a row class, I was tired. This morning had a dentist appointment, thought might sleep while Hygienist is cleaning my teeth, but it was not enough nap haha....And after all, trying to fix issues in scripts, wasn't a productive day or week at all work wise....

I am so tired, can't even think about what to write anymore. I better stop right here, good night to me..


One question I do have though is actually more related to how you go about building a blog which cultivates people today actually leaving comments not to mention moving from passive readers to proactive contributors. any sort of thoughts?

its wonderful as your other posts : D, thankyou for posting .

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