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GWT is the topic I am thinking for my Advanced Web Development class short presentation..

I am in the middle of it but moving no where. Got ideas still can't seem to move forward. Got
< 10 minutes, I want to give enough information to make it interesting for the listeners.

Its 11:02 pm, have little bit of time before I fall asleep tonight. A 14 week long semester but so much to learn and 11 weeks left including mid-term and final.

The goal is to get exposed to
- TCP, UDP, HTTP the networking protocols the web runs on.
- Client side : JavaScript and Web development paradigms such as AJAX.
- Server side : PHP, Python, Ruby, and database access.
- Web Services. Covering XML, XML-RPC, REST, SOAP
- Cloud Computing.
- Architectural patterns : ModelView-Controller (MVC)
- Open-source application frameworks.

I have hope, optimist as usual and looking forward to learn new technologies. I better get back to my work, before its too late and fall asleep. :)


Thanks, it was helpful for me to read and undoubtedly highlights an area i must get better at.

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Want to learn MVC.? Click Here

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