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The busier I get, the number of entries I write in my blog decreases.Busy-ness is indirectly proportional to the number of entries.

Well, this definitely explains that my classes started and I am getting busier, less time on my hand to write entries in here.

Anyhow, this whole week has been busy, got good sleep however not enough though. Getting back to the point, its Friday evening again, not of my favorite one when I get stuck at home. Or when I do not know what I am going to do. But, today I don't feel that way yet. Because I know what I want to do tonight, finish some school work, have to talk to my friend Deepak and my sister Nhasala.

The week however was busy, tiring, couldn't wait for weekend to come and but before that Thursday hehe...Now you would be saying, why Thursday? Good question but one of the reasons is I don't have class, after work, I can go home and relax. But this week however, I had something on my mind, which worked as I had planned. Do not want to share the details.Basically, "ooh e ta naapa laye khani dhaya khha leytagu". And another best part was, it was my brother's birthday yesterday. I wasn't with him to celebrate. But my brother and sister had good time, saga: biya, naya etc etc.

But, to my surprise when I got back home, trying to use my desktop, realized it had rebooted. I thought may be Windows update but it wasn't. After wards, Windows wouldn't start. I was getting a message "Primary Drive couldn't be found". I don't want to assume but the hard drive I think is crashed.

There is eight years worth of memories"pictures" saved in that computer including my undergraduate and graduate school works.There are a lot of my important files saved in there too. I am not particularly worried about songs and videos but the rest. Hopefully I will be able to recover those. What a way to end a week?

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