March 31, 2010

Spring is here, weather is so nice out, but guess what I am doing.

Supposed to be a Spring Break week in the school, but the irony is, I have so much school work to do and all are due next week Tuesday and Wednesday. On top of that, I have my own things to take care. How fun?

Comparing all the Spring Break starting from my Undergraduate to Graduate time, this is by far the most stressful Spring Break I have experienced. So, much work to do get done and so many hours have been spent but work is not done. Its not done because the stuff that I am working on, is new to me. And I am just now so tired of it. I thought at least EC2 homework was going well.

But surprise surprise, Part 2 video was missing so I really can't figure out how to upload my files now. I sent email to my instructor but he is not responding. I am waiting, and trying to work on midterm for the same class. And I still haven't got a single minute to work on its Project work yet. I have started to feel embarrass now that two of them worked on it their part. And I am still so behind.

This is enough, time to get focus....

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March 30, 2010

Hey you, yes you 'Feeling please go away' and leave me alone and let me feel like myself now "The always happy and smiling me."

At times who is hiding the pain, stress behind those eyes but smiling always, thinking positive, wishing hoping for fun good things.

I didn't get good sleep, of course didn't want to get up. But, here I am at work, working on work stuff, feeling stressed out not sure why. It could be all the school stuff, work stuff and everything else. I feel like just getting out, going to a quiet place, where I could look at the nature, may be waterfall, and stay quiet, thinking about nothing except one person. Its not that pretty out yet, but still that fact that I get to forget all my stress, makes me want to be that place. Where is a question ? But feels good to just wish and imagine.

To be continued when I get time.................

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March 29, 2010

This is going to be a unique entry in my blog. I never write anything like this but today.

I was reading BBC today and saw a news about Aung Sang Su Ki 'Suu Kyi's NLD party to boycott Burma election'. I read few lines and decided to stop instead.

That's when I thought I should write something about her. I have been reading about her for the past couple of years. I am not sure how and why I started reading, but the only thing I remember is, she is been in house arrest for 14 years. She wasn't allowed to see her husband for years and when he passed away, she didn't see him. Her kids live in UK now and she hasn't seen them since she is been in house arrest.

Reading multiple articles about her, just made me feel sad and thought something I should write. I feel bad for her, in her own country, by the Junta she is living a life like that. She is an educated women, who I think wants to do something good for her country.


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March 28, 2010

Fashion is one of my favorite things, has always been and will always remain.

As a kid, I used to watch different fashion programs(beauty tips), fashion shows on TVs. I however not into make-up, cosmetics etc but I am into clothes, shoes, purses. Not that I didn't study but whenever I saw those coming on TV, I would watch it. I mean the shows were usually about 1 hour max long, I used to take break from books, homework and used to watch. Those days and my interest. However, to this day as an adult, I watch shows like that and TLC is one of my favorites.

You see people on TLC, who dress and act ridiculously. How can you not know which looks good and bad, which top/shoes/pants/purse match with what. I mean of course you have to dress appropriately according to you age. But in this show, you see all sorta people, who dress like ridiculously. Sometime I think may be they just want to be on TV and want $5000 of new ward drove and a makeover, that's why they nominate their family members, friends, co-workers etc

After all fashion is a good thing, being able to dress well, match things is fun...Here is the picture of my next shoes...


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The Saturday evening, we decided to cook Chatamari made from Salmon, tomatoes, green peas and onion.

It worked out well, along with the bell pepper we baked with salmon. Salt was not enough but was tasty. Writing it, I wanna eat more, yummm...

Its Sunday today, I haven't done anything this weekend, had whole lot of planned to get done but nothing so far. I decided to go to Macy's to return a shirt, and ended up buying a spring sandal. Looks like for me Spring begins with a Brown sandal this year.


After buying the shoes, I headed to Target since I needed something from there. I somehow ended up in the Cosmetics section and checked out Nail Polish. This time though I really bought one which is not Transparent or a French Manicure kit. I came home and then realized my shoes and nail polish actually match. I wore the shoes with nail polish on my toes, took a quick picture, came out nice.


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March 26, 2010

Its Friday night again, if you have been reading my blog, you know why I said so.

Well, had an extremely stressful week than I thought it would be. It was so relaxing to finally finish the midterm the class part at least. There is a ton of other stuff to get done but still, kinda feel relief.

Getting back to the point, even though its Friday night tonight, I am not hating as much. I had things planned what I needed to get done. However, seeing light out till 7.30pm, I thought 'Oh I should have come to see you' instead. But again, I am going to see you tomorrow so I am happy.

I had my supper at 6pm, now I am hungry however. After listening to songs and dancing for a bit, around 7.30pm, I decided to head to gym. Ran, walked, did weights, used the machine as usual. It felt good, came back to my apt. Listened to my sister's voice mail, made me laugh. We then talked for a while she was cooking. After everything, finally I started working on my Resume. Got a reply to my text finally, but I was sad to read the reply. So, I decided to say nothing and stay quiet. But, it felt good to received 4-5 text message in a row. And I finally replied to the last one.

Now, I am feeling sleepy while typing this entry. I have thought about some plans tomorrow, lets see what happens. I need to go to gym in the morning, get to DMV for Registration Tab, then go to mall for few minutes, pay a visit to VS. Also think what to get to cook, I can't think of anything right now though.

I guess I should stop this entry right here, nothing is coming to my mind, I am typing words, words that do not make sense. So, this is it for tonight.......

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March 19, 2010

Past couple of weeks have been extremely stressful, its actually getting worse everyweek.

Getting back to the point, the Homework for Ad.Web this week was much harder than I thought it would be. I spent over 12-15 hours. Yesterday, after work when I started to work on it, I could tell, my vision was blur. At that point, I just wanted to close my eyes and fall asleep. But, did I have the pleasure?

Well after working till about 7pm, I went and cooked some dinner instead and worked on it till past midnight and sent the homework. And right now, I am feeling so sleepy that "mikha pallusay chona wo:la".

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March 14, 2010

Sunday afternoon, its 58' Fahrenheit out and I can't enjoy the weather.

While reading tutorial on AJAX, I opened Firefox. On the homepage, I noticed today's image in the Google search page. Thought it was interesting and posting the picture down below.


I wish, we didn't have mid-terms or homework. We could have gone out and enjoyed the weather. Aley megu athhey kha...

@4:11pm, temperature is at 61' Fah
Finally got the car wash done, now me and my car are happy. Its shining, only if I had more time, it would be shining inside too. I am getting excited, finally winter/snow is over and spring is here. With the temperature rising up, so many things to look forward to. Aaa chai jita chha naapa laye, taskan hey masti wola..

Other than the weather outside, another very good thing about today, is that I got to see you. Aa gabaley jaanch sirai aley chanta naapalai. So lisay soye magaa, naapa la lisay, naapa laye magaa:...

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March 11, 2010

After few stressful days, an evening of relax with one good movie, priceless...

Its been days, I have not watched TV, not even news. Since I wasn't going to go see him tonight, after work today, I came home, cooked dinner and then decided to watch the movie which I had been carrying to watch.

"My Sister's Keeper" released in 2009, I thought was a good movie.

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March 10, 2010

Why can't I get this thing done? I don't get it...

I'm not a quitter which is why its extremely hard to say "I give up" and or "give up" on something. But, this week I have reached to that point I want to say it.

As a matter of fact, I even said it once today, I didn't mean it however. I am so stressed out, I want to go somewhere very quiet, stay alone and think about nothing. Ummm, may be about you, that will bring smile on my face...

I can't think anymore....

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March 7, 2010

March 5th to, to Sunday today...

Nothing went as I had planned, except the get together last night. Friday the appt made me a little sad, however I have a positive feeling that its just a scar and nothing else. I was so sad that I didn't get anything done on Friday evening. I just slept.

Slept till 8.30am on Saturday, then went to gym which was almost after two weeks, and had a good workout, felt good. In the day time, I couldn't study at all. I was reading and searching for information for HW-4 to Query in API using PHP and XML Parsing. I didn't get anything done for the whole day. At around 9pm, friends came, ate, drank, talked, made jokes, discussed everything, had a good time, which was after a really long time.

Now, today is Sunday, we had plans. Because studies were not done, plan was canceled. I was a little sad but again, assignments needs to be done. After paying thousand of $, we should be focusing on school work. I got a little bit of studies done, which is good. Talked to mom dad, brothers and sister. Whole day is done, almost 8pm, and in few hours will be in bed, hoping for a great night sleep.

And get up with a fresh mind, to have a productive and great week, hopefully less stressful one. And as always chanta lumanka chonaa, nhacha hey wa dhagu kha sa, waygu kha ni, dayka and nakaa: bigu kha. Aa chyon syakka, neypi tyakka, yakacha chheyn, chonaa choni maala makhula, mayaa hey won jita...

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March 1, 2010

Wow, its already March, which means Spring is coming and warmer weather out, wohoo...

I had a great weekend, got some school work done, grocery taken care etc. As for school work, however there is more to do which I will have to do tonight. I was not so excited to come to work this morning because all night Saturday, while my eyes were closed, I was looking at the CC selenium package. It felt like as if they were glued to me or something weird.

But this morning, seeing the CC scripts Pass on both machines, gave me hope. And I am looking forward to a better day, better week, better semester and better days ahead of me.

One of the special things about today is, one of my very good friend's birthday.

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