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Fashion is one of my favorite things, has always been and will always remain.

As a kid, I used to watch different fashion programs(beauty tips), fashion shows on TVs. I however not into make-up, cosmetics etc but I am into clothes, shoes, purses. Not that I didn't study but whenever I saw those coming on TV, I would watch it. I mean the shows were usually about 1 hour max long, I used to take break from books, homework and used to watch. Those days and my interest. However, to this day as an adult, I watch shows like that and TLC is one of my favorites.

You see people on TLC, who dress and act ridiculously. How can you not know which looks good and bad, which top/shoes/pants/purse match with what. I mean of course you have to dress appropriately according to you age. But in this show, you see all sorta people, who dress like ridiculously. Sometime I think may be they just want to be on TV and want $5000 of new ward drove and a makeover, that's why they nominate their family members, friends, co-workers etc

After all fashion is a good thing, being able to dress well, match things is fun...Here is the picture of my next shoes...



Nice shoes. Have you bought them yet or just planning to?

I find fashion shows are great to watch, but they do make me envious, except when I see models wearing ridiculous outfits (in my opinion anyway).

nice shoes.. how much would that cost?? im also fun of watching beauty tips... and im collecting them...

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