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Hey you, yes you 'Feeling please go away' and leave me alone and let me feel like myself now "The always happy and smiling me."

At times who is hiding the pain, stress behind those eyes but smiling always, thinking positive, wishing hoping for fun good things.

I didn't get good sleep, of course didn't want to get up. But, here I am at work, working on work stuff, feeling stressed out not sure why. It could be all the school stuff, work stuff and everything else. I feel like just getting out, going to a quiet place, where I could look at the nature, may be waterfall, and stay quiet, thinking about nothing except one person. Its not that pretty out yet, but still that fact that I get to forget all my stress, makes me want to be that place. Where is a question ? But feels good to just wish and imagine.

To be continued when I get time.................

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